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Jesus Came for You

When we realize who God is and why He sent Jesus Christ to redeem us, it does something in our hearts that makes us want to follow Him. God didn't send His Son Jesus for the righteous, but He came down for the sinners. He didn't come down for the strong, He came down for those of us who knew that we needed a savior. God sent His Holy Spirit so that He can dwell inside of us.

He's not offended by our failures, our weaknesses, our struggles. As a matter of fact, He came down for the weakest among us.

If you're battling today with depression, addiction, hopelessness, and you find yourself in a cycle that you can't break free from, the good news is that Jesus came exactly for you. He came to bring you into freedom and give you life more abundantly. Open your heart to Jesus and allow Him to transform you from the inside out, then allow Him to use you for His glory. You can talk to Him today.

It's time to pray.

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