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It's Time to Come Back to the Father's House

There are believers in Christ that never really believed they were capable of walking away from the call of God and ending up in a place they never thought they would be in because, at one time, they knew better. And now they don't live for the sake of others, but they live for themselves.

They end up feeding the flesh instead of the Spirit and eventually become dissatisfied with what the world offers them. The good news is that God is unwilling to have his children captivated in a place of brokenness, addiction, depression, self-loathing, or defeat.

If you find yourself in this place, it's time to come back to the Father's house. You are called to be an ambassador of an incredible Kingdom of grace and mercy. God is waiting for you with open arms to embrace you and clothe you with purpose once again. How do I get back, you say? Start talking to God.

It's time to pray.

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