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It's All About Dead People Living

The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about dead people living. It's not only about being forgiven. It's about living. You and I can be raised out of death in areas where relationships have died, hope has died, and even where abilities have died. We are raised out of darkness, raised out of weakness, raised out of places that we could never have gotten out of in our strength by the spirit of almighty God within us.

If you believe in Jesus Christ and believe that the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead is now living in you, then you have life, and you have life more abundantly. Believe that Jesus Christ can lift you out of whatever circumstance you feel today is too difficult.

Begin to walk in the freedom that He's more than willing to give you. Remember to touch Heaven and find the strength of God.

It's through prayer because now it's time to pray.

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