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If You Don't Have a Testimony of Hope

Through the apostle Peter, God told us to be ready to answer those who ask us about our hope. Today, if you don't have a testimony of hope, if you're feeling hopeless and you find yourself in a wilderness, ask the Lord to break through the veils of confusion and bring light into every dark corner of your mind and your heart.

Ask God to give you a reason to be thankful and hopeful. God will get you out of the wilderness, and He will provide you with brand new strength to stand. He will bring you back to Himself again.

God has a divine purpose for you in this last hour in which we are living. Ask Him. Ask Him now to give you a thankful heart and know in your heart that He will faithfully bring you everywhere that you need to be. To do this, you need to start talking to God.

More than ever, today, it's time to pray.

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