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If We Humble Ourselves

As thepeople of God, we've studiously followed the pre-conversion pathway of theApostle Peter. I reference Matthew chapter 26, verses 31 to 35, where we seePeter setting his thoughts above the Word of God and esteeming himself to bestronger than he was.


InAmerica, we've committed the same sin and failings as Peter did in that seasonof his life. We've set our thoughts above the Word of God. We've builthouses of worship that are not designed by scripture but instead from boardrooms and men's hearts and minds.


We've erroneously thoughtwe are stronger than we are, and due to ourcondition, it's becoming evident in thisgeneration. We're living in a season where we must learn to pray again. God can still bring healing into our nation if we humble ourselves andpray.


It'stime to pray.

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