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I Want to Challenge You Today

I want to remind you today that in church, we sing about the goodness of God, the holiness of God, and the majesty of God. We pray and we believe God for miracles. But I want to challenge you today to believe in the God that we sing about and pray to, for a miracle in your life.

God wants to bring you out of the place that you find yourself in today and bring you into a place where you can experience an incredible life, a new life through Jesus Christ. It's time to believe in a God who is willing to demonstrate His miracle-working power, both in and through your life.

I want to encourage you to come Tuesday night and pray. Let us pray with you. Let us believe God with you for your situation. Yes, there's a lot of power when a multiplicity of people get together from over 209 countries and begin to pray. You can join us Tuesday night 7:00 PM Eastern Time at

And remember, above everything in our generation, it's time to pray.

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