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He is Not Offended

I want to remind you that Jesus came down into the human race as the weakest among us. He could have come as a fully grown man and still went to the cross. But instead, He came as a baby. I believe that He came down as a baby to show us that He's not offended by our weaknesses. He's not offended by our struggles, mess, or even our inability to walk. He's not offended by our speech or because we've created a mess.

Instead, He came down to show us that He's willing to be God in us and through us. He didn't come down for those who have it all together but for those who know that they're weak. Jesus came down for those of us who know we need a savior.

He came down to make a dwelling inside of us, empower us to live for Him, and eventually show His glory through us on the earth. Oh, thank God. It's fantastic salvation we have. Talk to God

It's time to pray.

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