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He Has the Power to Cancel Your Storm

If you've received a bad report, or if somebody told you that there's no hope for your future, the voice of God must rise above all those other voices. Remember that His voice rises above the storms. He even has the power to cancel your storm.

He has the power to lift you above everything that would try to bring you into a place where you despair and become depressed. You don't have to be afraid, but instead, believe that God can see you through whatever it is you are facing today. God can give you the grace to stand because He's still a God of miracles. So don't be afraid today. Believe Him for the miracle that you need.

Join us with people from over 200 countries, live every Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST at We're gathering together. People submit their requests for prayer and the answers they've received from God.

It's time to pray.

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