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Have You Considered?

You and I live in a church age where people have lost all confidence in God. They’ve lost heart. They feel so down, dry, and useless. They don’t feel like they can contribute anything. So many can’t even get up out of the dust, let alone contribute anything to the Kingdom of God. They can’t stand at any measure against this onslaught of evil that’s come against society in our generation.

Today, have you considered that you’re the vessel that God wants to pick up and use again? Have you considered that He can take your voice, He can begin to speak through you, and do things that you never thought were possible in your lifetime?

You and I are never finished in the Kingdom of God. Even when we feel like we’re too old to fight, we can still encourage someone who’s still in the battle. There’s no restriction by age, young or old, in the Kingdom of God. Allow God to lift you and use you for His glory.

It’s time to pray.

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