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Grace In The Wilderness

Some so manypeople are in a wilderness time in their lives. Wouldyou be surprised if I told you that the Lorddrew you there?


InJeremiah 31, in a season of terrible difficulty for the people of God, theprophet writes these words in verses two and three: “Thussays the Lord, the people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness.Israel, when I went to give him rest, the Lord has appeared of old to mesaying, ‘Yes, I have loved you with aneverlasting love. Therefore, with loving kindness, I have drawn you.’”


He hasdrawn us this season as a nation into a dry place. We find ourselves in a timewhere the only thing we can do is cry out to God. He has promised that Hewill give us this incredible grace of His presence, power, and redemption in the wilderness.


It'stime to pray.

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