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God Will Bring a Spiritual Awakening

Today, I'm concerned that many of God's people are struggling. Our children are being thrown into a sea of confusion. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to come to us again. We need the Holy Spirit to raise us and give us the strength that we need so that God can be glorified through us again.

The world around us is dying, but God has a victorious end-time people who will stand and bring glory to His name. We will know that only God can raise us when we look back at where we used to be. Only God can put us back together, lift us, and cause us to stand and breathe his life back into us.

Our testimony will one day soon be of the mighty work that Christ has done in our lives. And we will know that nothing we've done has been done in our strength. It is God and God alone who will bring us a spiritual awakening in our time.

It's time to pray.

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