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God Wants to be Generous to You

As born-again believers of Jesus Christ, you and I are supposed to be living a supernatural life. It shouldn't be a natural life. It should be a life where we wonder what God is going to do in and through us today. We should always be very aware of the presence of God in our lives. As a matter of fact, He lives inside of us through His Holy Spirit. That's why you and I can pray without ceasing.  

That's why Proverbs 3:6 says, "In all your ways, acknowledge Him” and He promises that He will direct our pathHe is a friend that is closer to us than a brother, and we can talk to Him anytime throughout our day. Praying doesn't have to be a formalized ritual. It's a relationship with this interior dwelling of the Spirit of Almighty God. Now God wants to be generous to you. All you have to do is ask. I encourage you, my brother, my sister, to do that today, ask Him to be generous to you. 

It's time to pray. 

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