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God Used Moses at the End of Himself

No one has the right to say to God, “You can’t use me for Your Kingdom. You used me once upon a time, but you can’t use me anymore.”

Let me remind you that God used Moses at the end of himself. When Moses was no longer strong, he no longer had access to an army. He didn’t have political influence any longer. He didn’t have a whole lot of money. He no longer had a sword in his hand. All he had was a stick. It was at that point that Moses became the mighty deliverer that God needed to bring His own people out of bondage.

You see, the Scripture cries out to the weak. It cries out to us and tells us that in God’s hands, the weak are made strong and we can truly do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.

My brother and my sister, I challenge you to listen to these words today. It’s not in your strength that God is glorified. It’s in your weakness. It happens when you pray.

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