God Takes Us In Our Nothingness


Did you know today that God takes us in our nothingness? He takes us when we feel like our ability is so small compared to the need that's all around us.


I've often said that He can't use us if we still think we're something because He doesn't need something to do something. He needs nothing to do something. Think about it. He made everything out of nothing according to the Word of God. He speaks the Word, and things come into existence. That's just who God is, and that's what He can do. Will you trust the Lord to do mighty things throughout your life? Trust God so you can witness how He can use your life for His glory.


Join us every Tuesday at 7:00 PMEastern Time at itstimetopray.org. People from 211 countries gather together and pray and believe that God can do something miraculous in our nothingness.


It's time to pray.


Times Square Church
1657 Broadway
New York, NY, 10019

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