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God is Raising up an End Time Army

I want to tell you today that I believe that God is raising up an end-time army. This idea isn’t just a hope that I have. The Lord has shown it to me. I’ve seen it with my spiritual eyes, and God has spoken it to my heart. He’s unwilling to allow His people to be beaten up by darkness any longer.

I do thank God that there are moments in history where He says, “Enough, I’ve heard the cries, and I’ve come to set my people free.” I’m grateful because I know that God is going to heal marriages. He’s going to bring children home. The weak will be made strong. Prisoners will be set free. People who are blind will be given sight to see a new way forward. People who have no resources will be given an understanding of the resources that will be now available to them through Jesus Christ.

I believe that it’s time to believe in God one more time. What’s possible to Him seems impossible to us.

It’s time to pray.

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