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God Is Going to do Miracles

The Word of God truly is a light to our feet and a lamp for our path. I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit's in dwelling power and the lives that God is transforming today. God is going todo miracles in this generation just as He has done in the past.


I’m praying that God will give you and me the ears to hear His Word. I pray especially for those who aren't soused to shutting out every voice that encourages them. God is speaking to you right now. He's calling you into something that only He can do in your life.


Let's ask the Lord today to give us the ability to respond to the call and to hear the voice of God. Many of us are gathering together every Tuesday night at seven PM Eastern time We're praying together from all around the world because God is calling us, and God is speaking.


It's time to pray.

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