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God has Placed on My Heart a Passion

God has placed a passion and a vision on my heart to reach people who don't feel that God loves them through the internet. Perhaps they think that their lives could never amount to anything. He wants me to somehow convince you who are stuck in a pit or feel like you're sinking in despair that this is not God's plan for your life.

If you open your heart and your ears to God, He will lift you out of that place. He will set you on a solid footing and show you a path that He has for your life, a path that His Holy Spirit will empower. It’s a path through which He will be glorified, and people who are suffering and struggling in sin because of you and your testimony of Christ will be set free.

There should be no other plan or pathway that we desire for our futures as the people of God to find that pathway.

It's time to pray.

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