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God Had a Friend

God had a friend named Adam that He would meet with in the cool of the evening. Adam was created in God's own image along with his wife, Eve. God would fellowship with them day and night. One day, Adam and Eve decided they could operate independently of God, and that's when sin entered the human race. A separation began that moment between man, woman, and God Himself.

You know, the fact is God doesn't need anything or anybody because He's eternally complete in Himself, and although God is self-sufficient, there's always been an inner thirst in the heart of God for fellowship with you and with me. I believe that God chose to need us as His friends. You and I can't operate independently of God. It's a certain path to sin and destruction in our lives. We need our friend, our father. We need God. Let's pray that we never forget that.

It's time to pray.

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