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God Extended His Hand from Heaven

I want to remind you today that God extended His hand from heaven in sending His son Jesus Christ to die for us, washing away our sins. This is good news for all people. Not just for some people, not just strong people, not just the wealthy, or for those who have degrees on their wall. It's for all people-everyone born into this world.

God sent his son Jesus as a baby in a seemingly powerless state so that we would know that He's not offended by our weakness, our mess, or our struggles. He's willing to dwell with us, taking up residence in us by His Spirit. When we choose to trust and put our faith in Jesus, He empowers us to go out and share His love and truth so that everyone can be set free. My friend, this is good news for all people and it will bring great joy even to you today.

It's time to pray.

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