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Give Us One More Opportunity

We need to start praying for our backsliding nation and ask God to gladden our hearts and fill them with faith. We need to ask God to give us the willingness to understand His mercy because we need a moment of mercy in this nation for our families, children, and government. We have fallen short of the glory that God intended for us as a country. Let's ask the Lord to give us one more chance to glorify His name within our borders.

God can take us in our littleness and multiply what He has placed in our hearts. It's time for us to honor God with our lives and be used by Him to bring glory to His name.

Join those of us who are praying from all over the nation every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, believing for one more mercy moment in this nation. It's time for us to believe in God.

It's time again to pray.

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