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For Young People Who Are Afraid

I want to speak to the young people today who are afraid because of all of the things happening in your schools and among your peers.
I want to encourage you, especially those who know God, to start to pray together.

Gather with friends at school, use your spare time to start a Christian club, whatever you want. You’ll be amazed at how many young people will come and pray with you. It could be the beginnings of a spiritual awakening in your school.

Have the courage. Have the courage to be the one that starts a time of prayer, just maybe a 15, 20-minute time of day, whatever, and invite everybody to come. You will be amazed at how hungry young people now are for truth. And as God begins to move in your midst, miracles will start to happen. Courage will be given. The word of God will become known.

Remember now, above all things; it’s time to pray.

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