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Evil is Now on Steriods

There's a huge storm today in our society. People are despairing. Suicide is on the rise. Opioid addiction is reaching epidemic proportions and abortions are increasing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Evil is now on steroids in our society. The question today is, where is the church? Where are the people who are called to make a difference in our society? It's time for the church to get back to prayer and seek God's presence again.

It's not enough just to talk and sing about God, you and I have to go now where He is asking us to go and we have to start doing what God is asking us to do. This generation needs to know the love of God. Let's begin to pray together. Let's ask God for the grace and the strength that you and I both need to find His presence, His power, and to make a difference in this time that we live in.

Join us Tuesday night, 7:00 PM, Eastern Time at Remember, it's time to pray.

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