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Don't Buy the Lie

The enemy opposes the children of God by keeping God's people convinced that they are less than they are. In Exodus, chapter one and verse nine, the king acknowledged that the children of Israel were indeed greater in number and mightier than those in Egypt. Yet his plan was to make them believe the opposite, less they rise up in their God-given power and authority and become free.

This was a type of psychological warfare and the enemy employs the same tactics against you and I today. The enemy suggested we're marginalized; less in number and weaker in power than we really are. The media ridicules those who believe in righteousness and truth. They say that Christians are losing influence and churches are closing, but Christ Jesus is still alive, still sitting on His throne with absolute power. Don't buy the lie. Our weapons are still mighty in God for the pulling down of wicked strongholds.

It's time to pray.

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