Believe God for a Miracle


Today, I want to remind you that it’s an amazing thing to be a people of prayer, to have that confidence in our hearts that we’re not approaching the throne of an indifferent God or a God whose power has faded. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

He is the one who’s invited us to come with confidence to his throne, to find grace to help in our time of need. You and I are called to believe that God longs to give us the miracles we need and to bring us to that place where our heart’s desire to go and God’s heart also desires to take us.

I want to encourage you to pray today and to believe in God for a miracle. Join us every Tuesday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, at it’ People are joining us from all over the world, in 211 countries, and believing in God for miracles again, in our generation.

It’s time to pray.

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