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Be Used for the Sake of Others

In the American church, we've become so self-focused for so long that I fear that our ears are closed now to the voice of God. God's calling is never just about us. It's always about others. If your calling is only about yourself, you may as well stick your fingers in your ears because you will never hear from God.

God can only use us for miracles when we take our eyes off ourselves. The Lord can take you and me into a place where only He can take us because we aren't living to preserve ourselves. The focus of the Christian life should always be on other people hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Obey God today, and let's start to be used for the sake of others. That is what the cross of Jesus Christ is all about.

People from all over the world are discovering this. We're gathering together to pray every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern time at

Brothers and sisters, it’s time to pray.

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