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Are You Tired of Being Where You Are

Are you tired of being where you are? Do you find yourself tired of this inner battle in your mind and your heart?

Well, here’s the solution. When you and I accept Jesus Christ as our savior, the Holy Spirit of God comes and takes up residence inside of us. He begins to erase the former things in our hearts, old acts of vengeance, grievances, even old experiences we can’t forgive or forget, old habits we can’t break. He starts to write the law of God on our hearts.

In essence, the law of God now becomes part of our very character. We’re no longer trying to abate Christ out of the sheer force of human will because you and I can’t obey God that way. We begin to have a desire in our lives that God Himself places there. We begin to do things we’ve never even considered or been able to do before. Invite the Holy Spirit to take up residence in your heart today.

Remember my brother, my sister, it’s time to pray.

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