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Are You Living in Captivity to Sin

Areyou living in captivity to sin today? Has it taken you to a place that youaren't supposed to be? Have you been living where you shouldn't be living ordoing what you shouldn't be doing and becoming a person God neverintended you to be?


The Lord Jesus Christ tells you today that you can get up,you can come home, and you can rebuild. You can rebuild that place of God'sworship.


Godwill give you back things that you thought were lost forever. He'll give youback things in your heart that life's experiences took away from you and youthought could never be regained. He'll give you back hope. He will giveyou everything that you thought you lost, and He'llgive it to you sovereignly and supernaturally. It's all been in storage, andit's just been waiting for you to come to Christ. God will build your housebetter than it's ever been before.


Mybrother, my sister, remember, it's time now to pray.

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