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An Unfamiliar Place

God called Abraham at the age of 75 to follow Him, and required him to go to an unfamiliar place. You know, quite often we want to be blessed right where we are. We want the convenience of not having to do anything out of our comfort zone, don't we? What would biblical history look like of Abraham had stayed home?\n\nGod often calls us to the unknown, or to an unfamiliar place. He doesn't show us the whole path because it just requires one step at a time. Think of the number of people whose lives would look different if you and I chose not to follow the path that God sets before us; if we allowed ourselves to become consumed of this world, with our plans, visions and dreams, instead of God's.\n\nThank God that He knows the best path forward. For everyone who follows the leading of God, the future can be significantly changed for the glory of God and for others.\n\nIt's time to pray.

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