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Allow The Holy Spirit To Empower You

You probably know that we have incredible evil taking hold of this generation, our children, our schools, and our society. It's turning very dark, and the ways of God are in danger of almost being eradicated in this season. Some mountains need to be spoken to, and as believers in Jesus Christ, if ever there was a time, it's now to have faith in God.

We should not doubt what God has said in scripture. He told us we could have faith to move mountains. We must believe and not doubt that He will do what He said when we pray.

Don't live your life not believing that God can use you. We must pray for a fresh anointing so that we can be people of faith in this generation and truly represent the power of God through Jesus Christ. Let's allow the Holy Spirit to empower us again and give us the faith and boldness that we now need to stand. Start talking to God about it.

It's time to pray.

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