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According to Daniel, You Will Be Strong

Did you know that you are a part of God's end-time army? He will raise men, women, and young people in this generation. According to the prophet Daniel, you will be strong and do exploits in the name of God. You will do things in the power of God that could only be done through Him by surrendered vessels.

You don't have to be strong in yourself. You can be weak. You don't have to be noble or of royal birth. You don't have to be overly intelligent. You don't have to have ten degrees on your wall. You just have to have a voice and a heart that says, "Jesus, I want everything that you've got for my life."

God will make you into a light that cannot be extinguished. Ask the Lord now to make you into the person He's calling you and you alone to be.

It's time, my brother, and my sister, to pray.

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