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A Unique Calling Giving To You

People sit in the house of God and don't understand that there is a unique calling in their lives. It's much bigger than being part of someone else's ministry.

There's a calling given to you by God. It was given to you before you formed in your mother's womb. The Lord knew you and called you to a specific thing that can only be achieved through you. The calling of God comes from the enablement of His Holy Spirit. It is God Himself that takes us beyond our natural ability. He takes us to places we can't naturally go and gives us giftings we don't naturally have.

You've been called to be a part of this time in history for His glory. If you don't know what you're called to do, ask Him to show it to you. Now is the time to say, "Jesus, how can you be glorified through me?"

It's time to pray.

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