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A Fig Tree of Deception

In America today, there's a fig tree of deception that we are a righteous people, when our nation as a whole is becoming divided and anti-God. There's a mountain of unbelief and self-righteousness in our society that is blocking the path of fruitfulness in the body of Christ. We often want to move these mountains but don't want the process that has to take place before moving mountains becomes a reality. The process begins with exposing the false strength of our own works as a means of saving ourselves. Yes, it's time to look within and see the falseness of our righteousness and look to God again to be our only way of salvation.\n\nJoin us live on the internet with people from all over the world, over 207 countries now, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. We love to pray together.It's time to pray.

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