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A Desperate Hour

Today, we're living in a desperate hour and quite often in a season like this, God chooses to use desperate people in a way that we never anticipated that He would.\n\nLet's you and I pray for the Lord to help us to go into the darkened places of people's hearts and minds to shine the light of God there. Pray that the Holy Spirit would break the doors of the devil down right off their hinges, the doors that he's established in their minds. We need to pray for people to come out and be a living testimony of the power and the reality of God. When we pray with a sincere heart, it changes everything.\n\nJoin us every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM Eastern Time at, where people from 210 countries are coming together to believe God for a spiritual awakening in this generation. Our prayer meetings are coming to us from all over, including our Bible school in Pennsylvania.\n\nIt's time to pray.

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