Nov 4


Supernatural Empowerment for Frontline workers - Pastor Teresa Conlon | Carter Conlon | 11/2/21

Carter Conlon
Some Christians are called to be the only representative of Jesus Christ in their family, schools, community, or career. They go through seasons of loneliness and hardships and try to be faithful when difficulties, opposition, and loneliness come. And they know that the only way they can continue being the only gospel light in the position they are called to be is if the Holy Spirit empowers them to do so. If God has sent you to this place in your family, community, or in your career, you are sent to this place to represent Jesus Christ, and He will sustain you. If God has appointed you to this difficult place, He will anoint you to be an ambassador of an incredible kingdom. You are called to be a frontline worker for God and He will equip you. Trust Him to empower you to stand and be a light in the midst of darkness.

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