I Thought You Should Know... | Episode 3

August 14, 2021
Can you lead in a season of crisis and chaos? We invite you to listen to this week's conversation with Carter Conlon and Senior Pastor Tim Delina about the supernatural path that led him on the road of becoming the Senior Pastor of Times Square Church. Leading and walking with Christ during crisis moments is difficult yet possible. These are the moments that you can see the miraculous if you just hang on.

I Thought You Should Know... | Episode 2

May 29, 2021

God answer my prayer, is it a yes, no, or wait? Don't quit just yet on getting that answer. Join me and meet students whose impossible and simple prayers were answered when it seemed like all was lost. God is still answering prayers

I Thought You Should Know... | Episode 1

May 24, 2021

High, Drunk, and Despairing, where can this lead you? Join me and meet some incredible students who were all this and more, but this wasn't the end of their lives because God has more in store for them. Listen to the transformative power of God working in their lives.

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