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What Prayer is Really All About

I want to remind you of what prayer is really all about. It's not about having a big vocabulary, having the right posture, or even crying in agony. I'm not against those things if that's how the Lord is moving you to pray, but realistically, He just wants to hear your voice. He wants to hear a heart that believes Him, even if it's a feeble heart. That's why Jesus said a mustard seed of faith is all that's required. It can take you to a place where there's growth in your life that can only be produced by Christ Himself.

We think we have to have a mountain of faith, but that's not what He said. God wants you to come to Him with the little bit of faith that you have and put it into His hands. When you do put it into His hands, just wait and see what God will do with it. Above and beyond everything that you and I are doing today remember, it's now, especially now, time to pray.

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