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What Does God Have to Say About You

You probably view yourself a certain way or believe things about yourself, but what does God have to say about you? Is His opinion of you exactly what yours is of yourself? Maybe He has something for you that you haven't considered yet. Is His voice speaking condemnation to you and your captivity, or is He calling you into something that only He can do in your life? Something that He's willing to do in your life.

He wants to bring you to a place where you will give glory to God. And I know that's hard to believe for some, but it's time to start believing what God says about you and start moving towards the sound of His voice. He wants to speak something of newness into your life that only He, by His presence, can bring to you. He has so much in store for you. I promise you one thing today, from my own experience, He will not fail you.

It's time to pray.

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