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We Pray That God Gives Us the Power

Remember today that God is the only one who can light our path. We have to recognize that we don't have the strength within ourselves; He is the only source of strength that we have, to do what we know in our hearts is right.\n\nWe have natural things inside of our lives that have to be supernaturally overpowered by God's Holy Spirit. We have to ask God to give us the strength to rise above the tide of this moment in our society and in our world. Let's start to pray that God would give us the power we need to be the light that is set upon a hill that cannot be hidden. Let's pray for strength and grace to become a testimony in our generation.\n\nWe're gathering together online every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM Eastern Time with people from over 209 countries, who are all asking God for the same thing, "Lord, raise us up and make us a testimony in our generation."\n\nRemember above all things, it's time to pray.

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