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We Know There is only one Truth

We live in a time where sinners are becoming bold in their sinning, rising against the Word of God, and declaring their sin publicly. They even take pride in their sin. The spirit of the antichrist has increased, and it's standing against everything holy. Unfortunately, that same spirit is trying to mask itself under the titles of virtue and truth.

It's time for the people of God to become bold again. We need to be that standard lifted against this evil that is trying to swallow up this generation. As believers in Christ, we know there's only one truth, and the only way people can be saved is by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for our sins.

In these last days, we must bring glory to God on the earth again, so that many might know there's only one way to Heaven. And that way is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Talk to God, and ask Him for strength.

It's time to pray.

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