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We Are Destine To Be Miracles WWPM

Weneed the knowledge of Christin these troubling times. If you don't know who youare in Christ, you will not make a differenceand won't be able to stand.


There'sa storm coming into this world that will be beyond anything we will ever seeagain in our lifetime. God promises that He will cause us to stand amid the storm when we listen and obey Him. We won't be takendown because Christ is the cornerstone of ourhearts and lives. We are destined to bemiracles in the hands of God. To find us, weneed to know who we are in Christ.


Joinus every Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST at People gather from all over the world and pray together. We want to know who we are in Christ and thepurpose of each one of our lives.


Now above all times, it's time to pray.

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