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We Are an Unstoppable Army

I want to remind you today that everyone who has walked with God, if there's truly a sense of God's presence and weight in their life at all, recognizes that without Him, you and I are nothing. We go nowhere. Without God, we don't have a way forward, but because of Him and through Him, we become an unstoppable army in Jesus Christ.

To that end, you and I have a promise that even in old age, we'll have the power to look ahead and see the things that God will accomplish through us, not in our strength, but in His strength.

Now, the cry of my heart is that you take the torch of Christ and begin to run with God. You have a unique purpose given to you in Jesus Christ, and you're called, as I am, to make an eternal impact in other people's lives. My prayer is that the glory of the latter house would be better than the former. I have seen that He truly does save the best for last.

It's time to pray.

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