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Trust Him in the Storms

When we step out in faith and falter and lose our confidence, as many of us do in our walk in Christ, God doesn't cast us away in our time of difficulty. Even if you fall and fail God, get up and continue to take steps toward the voice of God. When you falter, or if you falter, Jesus will be there to pick you up again, and He will go back with you into your storm, into that place where you thought you were going to drown and die.


Today, I challenge you to trust Him in your present storm. Ask the Lord to give you the courage to get up and start moving towards the sound of God's voice.


I encourage you to join us in prayer every Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST at People from 211 countries are joining us, and we believe God will get us through this difficult time.


Remember, it's time to pray.

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