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Time Passed and You Soon Got Busy

Can you hear the cry or have you lost heart for the lost? Remember when you first got saved and your heart had compassion for the lost around you­- in your family, your neighbors, and people in your community or nation? Remember when you longed for their salvation? But time passed and soon you got busy with work and other things, and the cry became distant and the lost in this world were no longer a priority. My friend, God is well able to bring that cry back to your heart. Whether He brings the cry to you or brings you to the cry, may His priority of people become your priority. There are people gathering with us every Tuesday night 7:00 PM Eastern Time from all around the world. They're praying and that cry is being found in their heart again. God is answering prayer. Miracles are happening. Join us every Tuesday at 7:00 PM. It's time to pray.

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