The Sleep In Harvest Time


Proverbs 10:5 says, "He who gathers in summer is a wise son. He who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame.”

You and I all love to search out the promises and scripture, which tell us how precious and loved we are, and we should do this. But it isn't wise to neglect those verses that challenge our life's focus. Inarguably, we've been left here to gather people and lead them to the love and the forgiveness of the cross of Jesus Christ.

"But what if I don't care about people?" somebody recently asked me. I replied, "That's a good place to start. Be honest with God. Tell Him that you don't care, but you're willing to let Him change your heart and make you into a person who does care for other people."

Realistically, folks, it's time to pray.

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