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The Only Way To Face The Storm 

The only way to face the storm in this nation is with the power of God. We are not going to be able to face it in our strength. It won't be by our might or power but only by the Spirit of God. We won't overcome the storm with our youth, experience, or abilities.

We will only be able to overcome this hardship through the presence of God in each one of our lives. The Holy Spirit will open our minds as we read the scriptures and make it a reality. The Holy Spirit will give us giftings and abilities that can only come from God. He will provide us with the power to speak in His name.

Not only does God give us power, but He gives us love, wisdom, and a sound reasoning mind. That's how we will be able to stand in this generation and bring glory to the name of God through Jesus Christ. Talk to Him about it today.

It's time to pray.

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