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The Lord Stands Ready

I don't suppose I have to remind you today that you and I are living in a godless moment where immorality is trying to swallow our children and throw them into a river of confusion. It's time for the church to wake up. God has given us power in prayer.\n\nYou and I need to pray that God would help us understand the power in our voices. The Lord Himself stands ready to answer our prayers when we stand in faith and believe Him. You and I are in a war for the future of our whole society.\n\nLet's pray today that we would never give up; that we would fight to the end for the sake of our children, and for the sake of this generation. Join our Worldwide Prayer Meeting here in New York City every Tuesday night at 7:00PM Eastern Time. We're streamed live on the Internet at We're getting answers. God is answering in powerful ways from all over the world. It's time to pray.

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