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The Incredible End Time Army of God

On the day of Pentecost, when the early church encountered the Holy Spirit, they didn't have strength. There were no high-tech gadgets and no instruments. They didn't have a lot of structure, but the Holy Spirit led them.

Through those early believers, the Holy Spirit moved in such a powerful way that even the Roman empire eventfully bent its knees to the presence of God. The Roman society thought they could impose their worldview by force.

Today, we live in a generation where the godless are trying to impose their worldview once again. The church in America will be persecuted. Our only hope is to learn again what it means to be led by the spirit of God. Pray for an outpouring and a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in your life so that you can be a part of the incredible in-time army of God.

My brother, my sister, it's time to pray.

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