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The Half That Survived

A year after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620, the half that survived gathered to pray. They had very little in the way of resources, no plans and no strength. All they had was the ability to pray and a promise from God, and out of that came an incredible nation.\n\nAmerica was enabled by God to accomplish in only 400 years what other cultures had strived to achieve for thousands of years. Only the hand of God could have done this. Only God was able to make our nation what it is today. We must pray for this incredible nation that God has blessed us with.\n\nOn October 6, at 7:00 PM, Times Square Church will be leading a live prayer meeting rededicating this land to God. We're going to be encouraging people from all over the country to gather in churches and in their homes to pray online, live from Plymouth, with us. Visit for details.\n\nIt's time to pray.

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