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The Battle Plan of God

Did you know that we are the battle plan of God in the year 2021? You are the one God wants to use. You, who are addicted. You, who are despairing; the person fighting discouragement and panic attacks. You, who is just like everybody else God has ever used throughout redemptive history.

God has always used the weak to bring His plans to fruition. God has desired and designed to work through us to glorify His name; not in our strength but in our weakness. In the book of Hebrews, it says that the invitation to God's throne to commune with Him is not when you and I are strong, but when we are weak, when we need mercy, grace, and when we need God to do something that only He can do.

Trust God in your weakness and stand up in His strength. Join us as we pray together, believing that we're going to make a difference in our time. It's time to pray.

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