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Speak the Truth of the Gospel with Boldness

As a parent, I know most would never dream of embarrassing their children. They would do whatever they could to ensure their children had everything they needed. Many children have so much confidence in their parents that they know they won't embarrass them or even make them look bad.

How much more should you and I confidently stand when we tell people that Jesus will save them? Jesus will give them a reason to live; He will heal their family; He promises He will provide them with a sound mind knowing that our Heavenly Father will answer our prayers. We can stand with confidence. We can boldly tell anyone that there's room in Heaven for them through Jesus Christ.

There's this incredible mercy with God and this wonderful new life that Christ is more than willing to give them. It's time that you and I learn to speak the gospel's truth with renewed boldness. We get it by talking to God.

It's time to pray.

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